CLS is specialist in Airport and Airlines support services. Airports and airlines must ensure their chosen facilities and support services partner has the expertise required to enhance standards, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. CLS has the capacity to provide you with a complete solution tailored to your exact needs. We offer following service for Airlines and Terminal operations:

• Aircraft Cleaning
• Passengers queue control
• Monitoring of excess baggage collection
• Passenger crowd control
• Briefing passenger on prohibited items of carry-on baggage
• Access-control to/from aircraft
• Queue control at boarding bridge along with assistance in sequential boarding
• Airline and passengers pick up and drop off service.
• Hotels
• Corporate Travel
• Over weight luggage Service
• Checking of hand luggage at boarding bridge
• Bussing for crew service
• Marshalling of passengers

We appreciate the challenges you face in improving customer satisfaction results and meeting security regulations. Acting as your business partner, not a remote provider, our solutions will help you exceed expectations and give every passenger an exceptional experience.


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Consolidated Logistics Services LTD. holds ACS approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding.